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It's the big day. The morning is guaranteed to be hectic. The bride and groom will have butterflies, no matter how sure they are that they're doing the right thing. It's part of the package, the nerves.

Everyone is rushing around. People have to get dressed, the troops have to get there early to seat everyone, last-minute decorations have to get placed, and there will be phone calls from lost souls searching for the street they're supposed to be on.

The time comes, and those two little words are said twice. The butterflies flee and euphoria fills the space. Friends and family flood the aisle to make a tunnel of good feelings the happy couple can make an exit through. And at the end of that tunnel? A long, shiny limousine, door held open by a stylish driver ready to whisk them away.

There's a reason the limo has become a wedding cliché. It's part of the package – a genuine wedding tradition – because there is no better way to travel on your wedding day. It's private, elegant, and makes you feel like the most important person in the world while you're riding in it. On a day meant to be remembered forever, it makes that memory that much greater.

Bride riding in back of limousine
Bride and groom in limo

Before the Ceremony

There's a lot to prepare for before things get to the serious bit, and a lot of people to move about in the preparing. This is especially true of the wedding parties, and a limousine is a great way to get them to where they're going in a group. It's clean, so there won't be any dresses or tuxes accidentally ruined, and it's large enough to hold the whole gang.

It's normal for all the bridesmaids to get together and prepare as a group in one location while the groomsmen do the same somewhere else. Like two clans meeting for the first time, the groups are at their best when they can travel in teams, and what team wouldn't be able to keep morale high if they were in the back of a limo?

Most importantly, when it comes to pre-wedding jitters, one of the biggest causes of anxiety is something unexpected going wrong and someone not making it. Limo services understand the importance of days like this and make sure to prepare for it. Hiring a limo isn't just fun and fabulous; it's completely reliable. Nobody will get lost, nobody will break down, and nobody will be late.

After the Ceremony

When two people say “I do,” they are married. That's not the end of the ceremony, though, at least in most cases. They still have to walk down the aisle, get congratulated a lot, maybe have some rice or flower petals or confetti thrown at them, and then drive off into the sunset.

It's that driving off into the sunset part that marks the real end of the ceremony. It's then that the last pictures are taken (before the metaphorical sunset becomes an actual reception) and tears really start flooding faces in earnest.

Even people that own their own Ferrari drive off into that sunset in the back of a limo. Newlyweds deserve to be chauffeured into their new life together. A wedding day is about being as pampered as possible before returning back to the real world. A limo offers that in spades.

Here's just a sample of what a limo offers newlyweds:

  1. Style
    A lot of a wedding is aesthetic, from the bridesmaids dresses to the cake. A limo is the most aesthetically pleasing transportation there is.
  2. Seclusion
    Immediately after two people tie the not, they should get some alone time. Instead of focusing on driving somewhere, a limo lets a newly married couple take some time to focus on each other.
  3. Privacy
    The chauffeur is a professional who knows what it means to be alone on your wedding day. They're trained to be discreet, and to not peek.
  4. Atmosphere
    A bottle of wine and a box of chocolates; those special songs that you two share piped through the speakers; windows so dark the world can't see through them – that's riding in a limo.
  5. Staging
    Not planning on wearing a wedding dress or tux to the reception? Store a change of clothes in the limo and change on the way. There's plenty of room, and privacy has already been covered.

The Limo Experience

A person's wedding day is meant to be one of the most memorable days of their life, and choosing a limo as the choice of transportation is sure to help accomplish that. On a day where the couple is the center of attention, there isn't anything better than getting chauffeured around in a veritable palace on wheels.

A limo is a way to stay pampered through the whole day. The wedding parties look fantastic when they pull up to the ceremony and spill out of a gorgeous, polished car; the happy couple will feel like royalty when they pull away; and after it's all over, a chauffeur can make sure the happy couple gets from the reception to their home or hotel safely. They can even deliver the newlyweds to the airport so they can kick off their honeymoon in style.

Employing a limo service is a wedding tradition because it's the most glamorous way to get delivered anywhere, and everyone deserves to be glamorous on that special day. Millions of happy couples throughout the years have chosen a limo not because they were expected to, but because they wanted to. Who wouldn't want that kind of luxury, if even for one day?

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