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Proms / Homecoming Limousine

​The school formal, whether it be prom, homecoming or something in between, has been a tradition for more than a hundred years. It's a time for students to relax and socialize, to celebrate their teenage years with their peers. A school dance is a place where memories are made and legends are born.

As soon as a person becomes a parent, they begin creating memories. The day their child is born, their first word, their first step, their first tooth... losing their first tooth. These are the things we think about and cherish. We'll remember them forever, because they are once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Our children don't share many of those memories, even though they are the focus. They're too young, too busy discovering they can put their toes in their mouth; too busy being in awe of the world they're slowly learning exists around them. Children aren't aware their first step is important; they just want to reach the cookie jar.

It isn't until our teenage years that we start to form the memories that we'll hold onto until we're parents and long after. The first good friend we make, our first date, our first kiss - and our first school dance. These are the visceral experiences that shape who we are for the rest of our lives.

As parents, we can help elevate some of those experiences. Probably not the first friend, because that's out of our control. Probably not that first kiss, because that is just weird. Something like a school formal, though, is within our wheelhouse. And what better way to accentuate the expensive clothes and immaculate styling than having them arrive at the dance in the back of a beautiful, polished Chicago limo?

It may feel almost like an afterthought in the chaos that is a teen preparing for their first dance, but it shouldn't be. The glamorous part of hiring a car might be showing up in a chauffeured carriage, but there is a whole lot of utility in the decision, too. It's safe, reliable, and useful from the time the night starts until it reaches its inevitable conclusion, so parents can rest assured that at least something is within their control.

Taking a limo to prom
Taking a limousine to homecoming
Couple taking limo to prom night

Before the Dance

There may be a buffet table covered in punch and cookies at the dance, perhaps even some small sandwiches, but formals are normally held in the evening, after dinner has been taken care of. As such, it's become a tradition to go out to a restaurant with the gang beforehand, dressed to kill and literally ready to party. Hiring a limousine in Chicago, especially one for a whole group, means transportation coordination and timing doesn't have to be a thing. Everyone gets there at the same time.

To expedite the experience, teens can be dropped off right at the front door and picked up as soon as they're done. Not only does this reduce the amount of time dinner takes so there's no getting to the dance late, but it's also great for inclement weather. Instead of dealing with a parking lot full of puddles or wind blowing dust everywhere, just get out of the car, take a couple of steps, and get under cover. Formal wear is expensive, so anything that helps keep it in good condition is a win.

Even before dinner, the limo makes a handy, dandy collection service so everybody doesn't have to meet in the same place. Instead, they can be picked up when they're ready, and the night can start with genuine door-to-door Chicago limo service.

During The Dance

The school formal is a long tradition that reaches back to the time of town socials and debutante balls. It's a tradition of transition into adulthood, when adolescents are presented to their peers and their community. Prom, short for promenade, is named for the traditional carpet attendees walk down to announce their presence. It's all about making an entrance, even in the modern day, and a limo is the Cinderella's coach of the 21st century.

Once they're dropped off with all the style and glamour they deserve, they're free to enjoy the dance without worry. Valuables can be left in the limo if necessary, parking is dealt with by the driver, and vandalism and theft are a complete non-issue. It even doubles as a safe place to go to get away from the crowd for a few minutes and take a breather, or a quiet place to make a phone call that isn't outside at night.

After The Party

Going to a school formal is a rite of passage. It's a night where children become adults, and that doesn't always mean going home right after the dance and getting a good night's sleep. Often, there are after parties, and those after parties are notoriously under-chaperoned. While a chauffeur isn't a chaperone, they are a promise that no matter what happens, a reveler will get home.

Additionally, if anything unfortunate occurs during the dance and someone has to leave suddenly, nobody else needs to leave because one is another's ride. Those that want to go early can be taken home in advance, and those that want to stay late can dance until they drop, and even catch a nap in the back on the way home.

In Conclusion

Arriving at the dance in the most elegant and sophisticated of transportation has been a tradition since long before there were cars. The horse and carriage used to be the preferred method because of its regality and ability to keep long dresses from being drug through muddy streets. In the modern world, it's become the limousine, for much the same reason.

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