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Birthday Party Limousine

​In the hectic, modern world, life can be confusing. It seems like every other day that something important comes up. Holidays, anniversaries, parties, births, deaths – they come at us one after another, cluttering our calendars with dinners and gatherings and tours of places people have been waiting to see. Mother's Day and Father's Day, Christmas, Halloween, graduation day, spring weddings, fall weddings – if there's a life changing event every day, can any of them be truly special? If mom's have mothers, who gets to feel the most special? If a dance is for the whole school, who's the real belle of the ball?

There is one day, amongst all those special occasions, that is set aside for each of us to feel the most special, the most important. Our birthday is the one day of the year that's all ours. Nobody else gets to horn in on being the guest of honor. Only one person gets to open presents, gets to have toasts made in their name, and gets to be the undisputed center of attention for the entire evening. Once every 365 days, we get to take a day off from the world and pretend that we're the king or queen of it.

To make sure that the day is as special as possible, we try and make each one as unique and as memorable as possible. We plan it in advance to be a special day, full of our favorite things, or full of things that we dream might be our favorites if and when we ever get the chance to experience them. Each year is a milestone, and celebrating it as them as such is the only goal. That's why, when it comes time to decide on how the day is going to be navigated, there's no better option than hiring a limousine to chauffeur the birthday party around.

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A Special Ride On A Special Day

There's no better way to make a person feel like the center of the universe than chauffeuring them around on their special day. Knowing that a luxury car with a professional driver is at their disposal gives a person a feeling of confidence – of importance. Just walking out and seeing a limo waiting, doors open invitingly, will make someone puff up with pride at how well they're being treated.

A limousine is a symbol of status and sophistication, whether it's used regularly or just for one incredible evening. Getting into it makes people feel influential. Getting out of it makes people feel celebrated. Getting driven around in one makes people feel exalted.

Get Around Without Slowing Down

Chicago is one of the largest cities in all of North America. Nearly 20 million people leave in and around the Chicago area, with tens of thousands more visiting it on a daily basis. It's a city full of people leading lives full of events. The streets are crowded with cars searching for a place to park, cabs searching for a fare, lost souls searching for a cab, buses, bikers, walkers and joggers. It's not too difficult to navigate, as long as you're not in a hurry. If you're trying to keep a schedule, it becomes significantly more difficult.

Limousine chauffeurs are licensed professionals that spend their days navigating the Chicago streets. They know where to go to avoid the congestion caused by a big game. They know which roads are closed for construction, and which shortcuts are advantageous to take during what hours. It's their job to make sure that everyone gets where they're going without the hassle of trying to deal with it themselves. A chauffeur is there to make sure the birthday party has one less hitch to worry about.

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An Uninterrupted Birthday Party

A birthday only comes once a year, so we pack the day full of events. It's a day of going to a film or art show, followed by an expensive dinner, and then dancing. As such, birthdays tend to be strings of parties broken up by traveling to and fro. In order for one birthday party to begin, the party scheduled earlier first has to end.

With a limousine, the party never has to stop. In between locations, the gang can continue to have the time of their life in the back of the car. There doesn't need to be a designated driver, there's no waiting at the door while somebody goes to fetch the vehicle from some far off parking space, and there's no walking in the freezing cold or boiling heat to get to the next place quickly enough.

The passenger compartment of a limousine is like living in the lap of luxury. It's private, separate from both the outside world and the chauffeur's compartment, so what happens in a limo stays in a limo. The vehicle is top of the line, meaning there's a fantastic audio system to get the beat bumping, or a DVD with screens to keep a kid's party transfixed between fun times. The point is, with a limousine as the choice of transportation, getting from place to place can be just as fun as everything else.

Safe And Secure

Most importantly, since a birthday is often a day that people want to let loose and be as carefree as possible, choosing to take a hired car is the best way to facilitate that feeling. A limousine is not just safe by normal automobile standards either, although maintenance and safety features are a top priority. It's safe in all the little ways you can ask for.

A limousine is secure, so the outside world stays outside. It's a place where party goers can leave their purses. While everyone is dancing in the club, birthday presents can remain in the back of the care, where they have a driver to look after them. And at the end of the night, if someone in the group has had a little too much to drink, they've go a guaranteed safe way home.

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