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Quinceaneras Limousine

​Chicago is a diverse city, full of people from cultures all over the world. Every corner of the planet is represented in the population, making it a city brimming over with traditions old and new that stitch the fabric of society in the grandest of tapestries. Wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations, or coming of age rites – there's no lack of variety when it comes to those days that hold such a special place in our memories.

In the Great Melting Pot that is the United States, many people believe that those traditions will become diluted or even disappear altogether. Important dates change to match those of the people we live around. Old traditions from our old homes are pushed away to make room for new traditions from our new homes. It's happened to many families, from many places.

Some traditions, however, continue to thrive, regardless of how ancient or out of date they may seem. One of those – the quinceanera – has even managed to take on a life of it's own. A young Latina girl in America still looks forward to that special fifteenth birthday more than any other in her life, no matter where she came from. It's become so ingrained in our culture that everyone knows what it is, even if they've no idea how important it can be.

Although different regions in Latin America have different traditions surrounding how a young woman's quinceanera is celebrated, there is one thing they all agree on. When a girl reaches her fifteenth birthday, she becomes a woman. In becoming a woman, she is thrown a grand party to formally introduce her to the adult world. That party could include unique dances or regional delicacies, but the underlying theme is always the same – the guest of honor should feel like the most important person in the world.

Image of family Quinceanera

Make the Day Memorable

Quinceanera is an ancient custom tied to ancient traditions. Originally, it was a time in a young woman's life where she was not only presented to the public as an adult, but as a woman ready to marry. It was the first step in finding a suitor suitable enough to be a husband.

Times have changed, and so too has the purpose of a young woman's quinceanera celebration. No longer is it a woman's primary social goal to find a man and settle down to raise his family. In the modern world, a woman is able to choose her own goals, and the quinceanera has changed to reflect that.

A quinceanera is still a coming out party, but instead of telling the world that the birthday girl is ready to find a suitor, it's a party to tell the world that the birthday girl is ready for the future – no matter what it has in store for her. It's a day for her to feel special, important to her friends and family. It's a day where we pull out all the stops and spare no expense so it can be a day she wants to remember forever.

Young lady on her Quinceanera

Arrive In Style

One of the most important aspects of the quinceanera is the arrival of the guest of honor. More than just a mark that the celebration can begin in earnest, it's a special moment for those involved. For many, it's the whole point. Everything that came before leads up to the moment when a proud father can introduce his daughter to “polite society,” and all the excitement that follows is an extension of the happiness that moment creates.

What better way to make a grand entrance than to pull up to the celebration in a limousine? A limo is a vehicle unlike any other. When it pulls into view, it attracts the attention of everyone present, guaranteeing that when the guest of honor steps out, all eyes will be on her. It's the metaphorical chariot that awaits every princess dreaming of going to the ball. If a quinceanera is a ceremony full of beautiful pageantry and decor, it's only right that it starts grand from the very beginning.

Keep Everyone Together

The birthday girl is the most important person at the party, but that doesn't make her a loner. Like any teenager, she's likely to be most comfortable surrounded by family or friends. By hiring a limousine to take her to her big day, you can rest assured that she will not have time to be worried or anxious.

A limousine keeps the group together so everyone can arrive in time. Even when a grand entrance needs to be made, guests can get inside and find their seats while the birthday girl relaxes in a comfortable, spacious car while she waits for the time to be right. If any friends or family don't know where they're going or need a ride to get there, a limo has plenty of room to fit them all.

A Little Detail Gone a Long Way

A woman's quinceanera is a special day that only comes once in a lifetime. As much as we wish we could roll back the clock and make our children young again, the transition to adulthood isn't something that can be repeated. That's why we put so much effort into making it the most exciting and memorable of birthdays.

There are a lot of little things that can make it special – the right food, the right guests, the right location. Arriving in a limousine is one of those small details that help create the memory that lasts a lifetime. Everyone wants to feel like royalty from time to time, especially on a day put aside to celebrate their life. Make sure the guest of honor comes out in style by coming out of a vehicle that broadcasts elegance and luxury in a way no other vehicle can.

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