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​Music is humanity's oldest and most ubiquitous art form. Every single culture on the planet has a musical tradition steeped in history, regardless of technology or geography. It's known as the “universal language” for a reason, and even in places where artistic expression is stifled or prohibited, people find a way to make music.

For centuries, those musical traditions were separated by those invisible cultural and political boundaries that shaped the world. You could tell where a musician was from by listening to the sounds they created. It was universal, but still disparate. And then, in the 20th century, American music shook the world in so powerful a manner that it can be heard in every corner of the globe, performed by artists of every race, creed, and nationality.

There are many cities in the United States with deep musical roots. New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, Seattle, New York – too many to mention. But few have as powerful an influence as Chicago. From the very beginning, the Windy City has been one of the primary springboards for musicians. Jazz, that earliest of American music, may have been born in New Orleans, but it came of age in the clubs and speakeasies of Chicago in the Roaring Twenties.

Today, Chicago is still one of the biggest players in the music industry. Every musical act worth their salt wants to play here. There isn't a night that goes by that there isn't a major concert somewhere in the city and dozens – perhaps hundreds – of smaller shows all over. Rock and roll, hip-hop, classical orchestration, jazz, opera, country, dance – no matter your preference, Chicago has it in full.

Live music will never go away. Despite digital technology putting the latest songs and albums at our fingertips, there's something exciting, almost primal, about seeing it performed in the flesh. Listening to music in our cars and homes is a normal, everyday thing. Going to a concert is an event. Like any event, sometimes it needs to be elevated. Sometimes, when you go to see a rock star, you want to feel like a rock star yourself.

Chicago concert hall
Concert stage

Making a Night of It

It's possible to enjoy a concert by just showing up, listening to the music, and going home. With the right performer, it can create memories that last a lifetime. But why stop there. Instead of limiting the evening to a couple hours of music, why not make a whole evening out of it? Extend the experience and add the amenities that make it exciting.

Concerts are typically scheduled late to guarantee the majority of people that want to see can. This allows us to take some extra time after work to enjoy a nice dinner, have a couple of drinks, and get ourselves into the spirit before we get to the show.

To really make a treat of it, hire a limo to chauffeur the concertgoers in style. It's classy, elegant, and convenient. A limousine is the perfect way to put everyone in the mood to relax and genuinely enjoy their night out. Not only that, but it can help guarantee the group doesn't miss the opening act, even if they want to make a few stops beforehand.

The Benefits of Car Service

Chicago is an enormous city full of millions of busy people crammed together, all on the go and looking for something interesting to do with their lives. This makes living here exciting, but it's also stressful, and sometimes confusing. On a night that's supposed to free us from that, something as simple as calling a limo service can really help. Here's just a few of the advantages offered.

  1. Atmosphere
    Whether you're going to the opera or a rock concert, seeing a live performance is all about mood. The passenger compartment of a limousine is a place where any mood can be created, thanks to a controlled climate, great audio systems, and a spacious, luxurious interior.
  2. Reliability
    Hiring a car service means nobody has to wait. It picks you up at your front door and delivers you to the venue. The driver is a licensed professional that knows their way around the city so well that they can take the quickest routes, without any need for a GPS or map to figure it out.
  3. Tranquility
    Traffic is a nightmare most nights. Driving through streets filled with people in just as much hurry as you can create anxiety and anger – two things that nobody wants to feel before they go let their hair down. If someone else is doing the driving, that's never an issue.
  4. Parking
    There are a lot of big venues in the city. Many of those venues have plenty of parking for their guests. While that sounds convenient, we all know that's mostly surface. The truth is that parking is typically a time-consuming, expensive headache that takes the wind out of us. Limos drop you off and then park themselves.
  5. Responsibility
    A concert is an occasion where drinking happens. Sometimes, there is a lot of drinking. Sometimes, that drinking happens before the concert even begins. A limo allows the whole group to “pregame” without worrying about safety, and without needing a designated driver that misses out on the party. Additionally, after the show is over, everyone gets home safe.

In Conclusion

Going to see your favorite musician perform your favorite songs is a perfect recipe for a great night. Guarantee it remains that way by picking safe, sumptuous transportation that sets the tone for the evening from the very beginning. It's classy, convenient and comfortable. What more can you ask for?

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