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Sporting Events Limousine

There are few things as important to many Chicagoans as their sports teams. Named “Best Sports City” in America three times in twenty years, it has something for everyone. Whether it's football, baseball, basketball, soccer, NASCAR or hockey, Chicago has you covered. We even have professional and semi-pro dodgeball, roller derby, rugby and ultimate Frisbee.

Chicago sports are beyond well-known; they're iconic. One of Saturday Night Live's most famous of skits lovingly lampoons Chicago fans. Wrigley Field and Soldier Field are so famous that visitors come from all over the world to get a look at them whether there is a game on or not. Our sports teams have fans in every city in the United States, even if those cities field teams that we consider our arch rivals. We support them win or lose, because the franchise is infinitely more important than any single game or season. We're a sports city not just because of our size, but because we have a history and tradition that's unmatched in most of the world.

It's because of our love of sports that game night is an event. It's a time to dress up and make an evening of it. To go out to dinner beforehand, catch the game, and then have some drinks afterword to celebrate a victory or commiserate a defeat. It's a night where people of all stripes can unite in their shared love of the home team and hate of the visitors.

Plan in advance to make sure the night is as fun and fantastic as possible by hiring a limousine. A limo is the best way to guarantee your party arrives on time and in style. It's safe, convenient, and will turn heads wherever you go.

Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field
Chicago Blackhawks Stadium

The Convenience

Chicago is an enormous city, with more than 19 million people inhabiting the metropolitan area and tens of thousand more visiting on a daily basis. Traffic is bad, and there's no way to get around it. Even with a world class public transportation system and plenty of taxis on the road, congestion has and will always be a mainstay of urban life.

The headache of dealing with traffic is even worse on game day. Every inch closer to the field you get means more cars and more aggravation. In the best of times it's a hassle; in the worst of times it's a calamity. A limousine makes all the anxiety fly right out the window.

The single best thing about hiring a car to deliver you to a sporting event is the sheer scale of convenience it offers. There is no fighting through traffic to get into an expensive parking garage, only to then have to walk forever just to reach the front of the stadium. A limousine driver deals with the traffic while you relax in the back with your friends. When you arrive, they can pull up as close as possible to let you get to where you're going with plenty of time to spare. Even if dinner runs late or traffic is bad, there's little need to hurry.

Chicago Bears Soldier Filed
NASCAR Chicagoland Motor Speedway

The Comfort

There's a simple reason why a limousine is the transportation of choice for the cultural elite. A limousine is first and foremost a luxury vehicle. It's designed with the comfort of its passengers in mind. When you get into the back of a limousine, you feel like the king of the world. The atmosphere is controlled so cold winters and hot summers – both staples of Chicago climate – are completely irrelevant. It's always the perfect temperature.

It's also a boon for those that want their privacy. Tinted windows keep peepers out so those getting ready to enjoy the game can paint their faces or change from dinner wear to sports gear without onlookers staring through the window. The noise from road work and road rage is unobtrusive, and if it does get too loud you can always just turn on some music and drown it out thanks to high quality audio. It's a bubble of seclusion that allows us to remain stress free and enjoy our time, even if that time is spent slogging through traffic.

The Control

As previously mentioned, game night is often more than a sporting event. The game is the focus, sure, but it's not the only thing to think about. A limousine can pick a party up, take them to dinner, stop at the store, head to the stadium, go to the bar, and then get everyone home without incident. It takes people where they want to go, when they want to go there, without complaint. The driver is there to chauffeur the party around, not try and collect as many fares as possible in a short time.

Additionally, it's a way to guarantee everyone gets around safe and secure. Want to have a few drinks before the game? No problem. Since the passenger compartment is separate from the driver, guests can tip one back without worrying about it. Same goes for the after party. Limo drivers are professionals that are there for one reason and one reason only – make sure their passengers are want for not. There's no need for a designated driver, and no reason anyone should have to worry about anything besides how well their team will do against those pesky opponents.

The Conclusion

A sporting event is exciting and emotional. The best way to focus on the game is to make sure there is nothing else getting in the way of the enjoyment. Hiring a car not only eliminates any problems that comes with dealing with Chicago streets, it elevates that enjoyment by adding amenities and atmosphere that can create any mood desired. Make game night an event by getting a limo and treating the party to the best a city like Chicago has to offer.

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