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Graduations / Dances / Parties Limousine

​Life is full of memorable moments – a first kiss at the school dance, standing on stage with a diploma in hand, meeting the person we'll spend the rest of our life with during an awkward drinking game at a Halloween party. They're shared memories, similar experiences played out in different times and places, but with the same essential importance in our lives.

Some of these moments we can plan for. Graduation ceremonies are scheduled events. We know in advance when and where the diploma will be passed. Others we anticipate because we're unable to properly plan them. We search for the man or woman of our dreams without knowing where to search.

Regardless of whether we know ahead of time whether an evening out is going to change our lives forever, we can take control of our own fate and make each as remarkable an adventure as possible. We can dress up – or dress down – so we can present ourselves to the world the way we want to be seen. We can gather our friends or family around us so we can share the evening's festivities with the people we're closest to. And we can hire a chauffeur and car to carry us on our way like a metaphorical chariot.

Couple dancing at graduation dance

Arrive Like A Celebrity

When it comes to events like a graduation or a dance, the pomp and circumstance of the affair is a big part of the whole point. The people attending the event are there because it is their special day, and they are meant to feel special on it. They dress in a certain way, and get treated like the guest of honor even when they're amid a hundred other guests of honor. Why shouldn't they arrive like an honored guest, as well?

A limousine is the most stylish way there is to arrive at an important event. A limo is classy and elegant, and when it appears heads turn to see who will pop out of it. Front door car service is an announcement – the important people have arrived. It's their day.

Woman dressed up

Travel Like Royalty

Chicago is a great city to live in because it has everything – world class dining, theater, sports, music, schools and everything else you need to have a fantastic life. Unfortunately, having everything means having traffic and congestion and crowded public spaces filled to the brim with all that everything that makes life so great. Chicago is great, but on a day when showing up on time and looking like the world is yours is so important, getting around the city can be not-so-great.

Hiring a limo provides insulation on a day when it's sorely needed. Traveling around the city means relaxing in the comfort of a climate controlled hotel room on wheels. There's the space to change clothes if time is of the essence, while the driving is somebody else's problem – somebody in a separate compartment where they can see nothing. When time isn't of the essence, there's space to stretch out and stay comfortable on the outside while our nerves keep us anxious on the inside.

There's also the audio system, which is there to set the tone of a trip when need be. Happy pop or tub-thumping bass can be piped through to pick up the moods of everyone present. And because the back of a limo is built for privacy, a party can start before it gets to the party, without a bunch of innocent bystanders butting in.

Couple taking limo to a party
Girls in limousine drinking

Get Service Like A CEO

The limousine has become the signature car of the elite for one very important reason – it's a guarantee in vehicle form. You will be able to go wherever you want to go and get there whenever you need to be there. A chauffeur is better than even a GPS, because he or she knows details like when and where large events are taking place. A driver knows where the entrances are, which streets go which direction, and where the best places are for guests to be picked up and dropped off.

Additionally, time is money to a CEO. Having a driver and a car with a private passenger compartment means more time to do things that make more money. In the same vein, for an eventful evening, having a driver and a car with a private passenger compartment means more time to make more memories. It means more time to hang out, more time to get ready, and more time to have fun without worrying about road rage or trying to figure out labyrinthine parking areas. A professional driver frees everyone else up to do whatever they want.

Finally, a limo provides assurance that life's little problems won't get in the way. From navigating Chicago traffic to keeping out city noise, a limousine is a luxury vehicle from end to end. The inside is kept meticulously clean so there's never any odor from the last passenger or stains on the seat that can ruin clothes. Weather isn't an issue whether it's rain or snow. Everything about the evening is smoother and easier when a limo is there for transportation.

Make An Exceptional Evening

Get a jump on having the experience of a lifetime and hire a limousine service on that special occasion. With a private car and professional driver, every passenger feels like they're the most important person on the planet, whether they're going to a school dance or receiving a graduate degree. It's important to make every second of our lives as memorable as possible, and we can help do that by making every event as remarkable as possible.

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