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Stork's Ride Home Limousine

It's a magical day, bringing a newborn home. Mom, glowing but exhausted, ready to lie down in her own bed. Baby, also glowing, swaddled in momma's arms, unaware that they're going to the place they'll begin their long journey through life, the place where their first memories will be made. It's a glorious thing, and the single most convincing proof that miracles do happen.

Unlike that all too often frantic, anxious ride to the hospital, where speed is an imperative and the only goal is to get mommy out of the car and into the building before baby comes into the world, the ride home is a celebration. The hard work is over, the doctors have made sure everybody is in tip-top shape, and it's time to just enjoy the moment before the really hard work begins.

It's possible to make that moment even more enjoyable by taking that ride home in the style and comfort of a Chicago limousine. While it's true that baby won't remember a thing about the trip, it's important to note that the ride home isn't a treat for baby - it's a treat for mommy. Not only that, it's a treat with the upside of making the whole experience more practical and convenient.

Limo from hospital to home with new baby

A Welcome, Welcome Home

A hospital is rarely an enjoyable experience, even when it involves the magic of bringing new life into the world. Hospitals are sterile environments by nature and necessity, serious places that expect a serious atmosphere. Friends and family, balloons and flowers, all are appreciated, but the joy is always still a bit muted until it's time to go home.

Imagine mommy's surprise when she's brought out, only to find a luxurious Chicago limousine waiting for her. She walks out, eyes still locked at the beautiful creature nestled in her arms, and when she looks up there's a door being held open so she can climb in and be relieved of any worry. It's more than just a ride home; it's a special thank you that shows a unique, deserved attentiveness.

Photograph of expectant mother

A Comfortable Environment

A limousine is known as a premier luxury car for a reason. The interior is climate controlled, so in the summer it isn't too hot and in the winter it isn't too cold. It's spacious enough that mom can recline if necessary, without having to find leg room that doesn't exist, and if we're feeling especially well there's room for plenty of people to celebrate the ride home together.

The privacy afforded by the ride can't be understated. Bringing a baby home for the first time is an important event for both parents. Hiring a car service to do the work means attention can be directed where it's meant to be. There are no distractions, unless baby smiles or makes a cute noise. There is no split focus, just a chance for a happy family to spend time together enjoying their special day.

Additionally, a car service has the advantage of being able to have things ready in advance, without worrying that something may happen in the interim. Balloons and/or flowers can be put in the car ahead of time to make it feel even more celebratory. A favorite CD can be piped through the stereo. Drinks or a snack can be readied. Anything to make her feel pampered before it's time to pamper the little one.

Practical Convenience

Giving birth isn't normally something that follows a schedule. There are boxes that need checking - baby is born, doctor’s check out mother and child, all clear is given, time to sign out - but those boxes don't come with a concrete timeline. The phrase “the baby will come when it's ready” is a cliché because it's all too often true. Checking out can take a few seconds, or something could slow things down to an endless crawl.

With a car at the ready, the length of the process isn't a factor that needs to be planned for. Instead of rushing to get the car because it's finally time to go, or standing on the sidewalk trying to get a cab to pay attention, a car service can be prepped and ready to go when they're scheduled and then wait patiently until the time comes that they're actually needed.

Once everyone's in the car, it's a carefree, stress free, road rage free ride home. Depending on where and when everything is happening, it can be a real let down to get out of the hospital only to find out that it's one of those all too common days that traffic in Chicago is a nightmare made real. On the best of days it's a congested mess, and on the worst of days it's a slow slog through a city hosting multiple sporting events, concerts, festivals and conventions all within the same few miles. Chicago limousine chauffeurs are trained to handle that kind of chaos with a cool aplomb.

The Total Package

It might feel a little ostentatious to hire a car service for something like a stork ride, but it shouldn't. It's an important day that needs to be planned for with both style and safety in mind. A little bit of luxury goes a long way in a situation like that, making it an indulgence worth considering.

Make a plan to make someone special very happy and surprise them with a ride home in style. It's a great way to let them know they're special, and deserving of a little extra attention and care, especially on that big day.

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