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​There's a lot to do in a city like Chicago. Every night, there's something going on, whether it's a big game, a wild concert, or a sprawling festival. It's a never ending cycle of entertainment that makes the city one of the premier places to live on the planet. Sometimes, though, it gets to be a bit too much and we want to escape for a bit while still having some of that ubiquitous fun.

Part of the magic that comes with living in a city this size is the proximity of pretty much everything. Chicago is full of things to do, but so is the area around Chicago. Scheduling a day trip out of the city can get you away from the congestion that comes with living in a metropolis, while still offering you the fun atmospheres and wild times that come with urban living.

One of the most thrilling things you can do is take a tour of the local casinos. Whether it's a quick jaunt to Joliet to visit Harrah's or a hop across the state border to the Majestic Casino in Gary, Indiana, there are plenty of options in reach to satisfy that gambling appetite. More importantly, many of the local casinos are close enough to each other that quite a few can be visited in succession, so getting bored at one means moving on to another one rather than calling it a night and heading home.

It's certainly possible to find a regular tour company to haul the group around, but that means a lot of limitations. The tour happens on their schedule, in their vehicles, and at the places they want to go. Instead, it's a good idea to make the plans and handle the details yourself. That way, you guarantee there's no cutting a winning streak short to make the bus on time, and every casino on the tour is one that everybody wants to go to.

Of course, that means working out transportation for the trip and deciding on a route. That job can be exponentially easier than it looks by following one simple rule: hire a limo. A limousine isn't just a classy car we use to get around; it's a smart choice when it comes to hitting the casinos.

Two ladies in a casino
Group of people in a casino

The Obvious Benefits of Limo Service

When it's time to take that casino tour, there are a lot of great reasons for hiring a limousine. The first and most obvious of those is convenience. A limo picks everyone up, takes them where they're going, and then drops them off when they're done. It's as efficient and elegant a solution as you can ask for.

Additionally, hiring a limousine means not worrying about navigation and itinerary problems. Professional chauffeurs know where the casinos are and the most direct routes to get to them. And since they're on your clock, each stop can go on for as long or short a time as necessary. The car takes you there and waits for you to finish rather than hurrying you along.

Another obvious benefit is the comfort and class provided by a limousine service. It can take a little bit of time to move between stops on the tour. Nobody wants to spend that time in an uncomfortable backseat or staring into the horizon wondering where the road ends. Instead, why not spend it in a spacious, climate controlled vehicle designed to give its passengers the best of all worlds?

A limousine is a luxury vehicle first and foremost. It's decked out with all the bells and whistles that make riding in it an adventure and not an indenture. There's a state of the art audio visual system so everyone can jam out to a favorite CD or watch some World Series of Poker DVDs to get some tips. There's privacy, so clothes can be changed if necessary, and people can talk about whatever they want without the rest of the world hearing. And there are plugs to charge phones, tablets and laptops so electronics can remain available through the entire trip.

The Hidden Benefits of Limo Service

One of the biggest benefits to hiring a limo for a casino tour lies in the fact that a limousine creates a presence for passengers unlike any other vehicle on the road. When someone sees a limo pulling up to the curb, they pay attention. It's implied by the ride that whoever is inside must be somebody important if they're traveling in such style.

A casino is a place that loves it when important people show up. Important people have more money than unimportant people, and that means they have more money to lose to the house. It's an open secret that casinos are biased organizations, and the more wealthy you are – or the more wealthy they think you are, at least – the better they'll treat you.

They say “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Pull up to the front of a casino in a limousine, and their first impression of you will be off the charts positive. Everyone will be told to take notice of you when you come in the door, and the staff will be on their best behavior when it comes to pleasing their new high-rolling customer. It's all about perception, so whether you have a little or a lot to spend, it always helps if they assume you're there to spend it all.

Experience The Experience

Hire a limousine as transportation for a casino tour to ensure it's an epic adventure. From the time you leave the house until the time you've won or lost it all, it'll be a memorable, eventful day. It's safe, efficient, and makes the game rooms want to treat you like royalty from the moment you arrive. There's no better bet you can make.

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