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​Humans are social creatures. We form groups to create something greater than the sum of its parts. It's how we continue to exist as a species. Our family is there for us to rely on when we need it, and vice-verse. So to are our neighbors, schoolmates, and work colleagues.

In a large city like Chicago, it's often harder to make those important relationships. Neighbors keep to themselves, work colleagues remain aloof, schoolmates move away. It's ironic that it's more difficult to be social in a place where millions of people live and work, but it can be hard to make connections when everybody always seems so busy. Fortunately for some of us, there is still church.

Throughout history, the church has been the center of many social circles, regardless of denomination. Chicago is a diverse community, full of Christians of all stripes, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, and just about every other major or minor faith you can think of, and all of those faiths have a church where the faithful can communicate with each other and connect with like-minded individuals.

Churches in the city are more than just places of worship. They're social hubs, community centers for people that share background and ideology. They're places to organize book clubs, movie nights, dinner excursions, or art tours. They're places to find people with similar interests and then do things together.

Regardless of the trip's purpose, every church outing can be improved with the help of a limousine service. A limo is a luxury vehicle, but that doesn't mean it should be seen as flashy or ostentatious. Groups large or small will appreciate it for the comfort and convenience it provides.

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Large Groups

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of a limousine is size. They're large vehicles, designed to transport huge parties of people when necessary. They are meant to be able to carry entire entourages, whole teams.

Their spaciousness makes them perfect for large church trips. Everyone can be sure to stick together, no matter how many stops there are. It's much easier than organizing a dozen different drivers, each with a different level of knowledge about how to get around in the city. It's beats flagging down a line of taxis, and paying a pile of fares throughout the trip.

Small Groups

A limousine isn't a choice exclusively for large groups. A limo is first and foremost a luxury vehicle, and they're made small enough to comfortably just two or three people if that's what's needed, so they're spacious without being ostentatious. So even if the church trip is just two raffle winners with a pair of theater tickets, they'll feel that much more special if they can go to the theater in a hired car.

Church congregations are often as diverse as the city itself. Two people from opposite sides of the world may meet in Chicago merely by virtue of having the same faith. It's a potpourri of personalities, many of which don't drive, or even have their own vehicles. A hired car for church groups can go a long way towards making congregation members feel more comfortable in the city.

All Groups

The reason celebrities and other important people prefer being driven around in a limousine with a professional driver actually has very little to do with how it looks on the outside. A limo is, above all, a private vehicle. When you are inside the passenger compartment, you are in your own little world, a cocoon built to keep out the noise and attention that come with being in a crowded city.

The environment is completely customizable. The audio-video system can be used to listen to music, watch a movie, or shut off completely so everyone can talk or pray together. The air is climate controlled, so it's never too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, and there's never the need to deal with the sounds and smells of construction or street vendors.

The Church Bus Blues

There's a cliché when it comes to church groups taking a trip for whatever reason – a group of chattering old women on a bus wearing big hats and carrying large, brightly colored bags. It's an awful stereotype, but one that persists because buses have always been the go to choice when it came to shuttling people around.

Times have changed. It's the 21st century, and society has access to the best of all worlds. Buses are large, and have the worst trouble with city traffic. Taxis are expensive, and sometimes smell like the last person that they carried. Limousines are large enough to hold a whole party but still nimble enough to thread through the streets, clean, comfortable, and classy. Passengers are safe in the knowledge that they'll get where they're going and make it back home in secure style.

A limo is the best choice for a church trip, from the beginning to the end. It can start the day by picking up visitors from the airport or a hotel if need be. Once everyone is at the church, or everyone has been collected, the driver will handle getting to each point on an itinerary with professionalism and precision. At the end of the night, everyone can be taken back to the church, or back to their respective places if that's what's required. It's the most convenient option there is.

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