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The modern world is a world that doesn't stop for anything. It used to be that the postman was the only one brave enough to venture into the world come rain, sleet, snow or hail, but that's not the case any more. We live in a world full of technological marvels that make the seasons obsolete – or less extreme, at the very least. We can create oasis in the desert, and ski lodges in the snow. Unless a storm is particularly punishing, weather is something that happens around us but rarely affects us.

Thanks to human ingenuity, we can live in a world where there are events year round. In a city the size of Chicago, we can bank on people making sure there's something to do every night of the year, often tailored to time of year. It doesn't matter the season or the climate, there's an excuse to get out of the house and make a day – or a night – of it. Festivals in the summer, ski trips in the winter, Christmas parties, Fourth of July events, theater tours, harvest festivals in the autumn. It's a never ending list.

A lot goes into getting ready for a big, seasonal event. Whether it's an outdoor rock festival in the summer or an art exhibit that's only open in the fall, there's a lot of anticipation surrounding the event. We have to make sure we get the time off work, or at least get home in time to get ready. We have to get tickets, prepare something suitable to wear, organize everyone going, and deal with transportation, parking, and countless other irksome chores that chip away at the total amount of fun it could be.

Take a big chunk of the planning out of the equation and hire a limousine to be the transportation of choice. A limousine is an elegant, safe, and efficient way to guarantee the day – or evening – will go off without a hitch. Traffic and directions aren't an issue. Neither are parking or navigation.

Chicago's lake front
Chicago boating marina

Beat the Weather

Chicago is proof that humanity is capable of conquering nature. Millions of people packed into such a small space wouldn't be possible without technology. It hasn't been a decisive victory, however. The winter will not kill us. It will, however, dump enormous piles of snow everywhere in an attempt to make our lives as miserable as possible. It will also heat our pavements to the point we can literally cook food on the ground in the summer if we were so inclined.

Fortunately, we're brilliant creatures (for the most part) when it comes to improving our quality of life, and all but the worst weather is made into nothing more than a mild inconvenience if we demand it. It's how we define luxury – living in the best possible manner in the worst possible conditions. A limousine is luxurious, because even during the worst trips it's a wonderful ride. During the best trips, it can be nearly as memorable as the destination.

Limousines have passenger compartments that can be more comfortable and classy than some city apartments in bad weather. The air is climate controlled so it's never uncomfortably warm. In the winter it's spacious enough to take off heavy, awkward coats and push them out of the way while you enjoy the ride. Since the windows don't need to be rolled down, wind blowing leaves and dust through the street stays safely outside where it's supposed to be.

Photgraph of Chicago Millennium Park

Beat the Clock

The worst thing in the world that can happen when it comes to seasonal even planning is having the clock run out on you while you're waiting in traffic that wasn't supposed to be so bad, or spending so much time hunting for parking miles away from where you need to be. It's nearly as bad as getting finished with a great experience only to figure out how to get home. The parking lot is at a standstill while everyone tries to leave at once, and the taxis stand is a sea of shoulder-blocking.

A car service is first and foremost a professional transportation company. A limousine driver is trained to know traffic patterns of the city and how events affect them. They know where everything is and how best to get there. When they get you to your destination, they drop you off right in front of the door – or as close to the gate as possible. Many venues in and near the city have dedicated points for cars to take and collect their passengers. People assume that if someone is bothering to hire a car, their time is important to them, and they make efforts to accommodate.

Additionally, even when traffic is so congested it feels like nobody on Earth is getting anything done, at least the waiting will be done in a limousine. Because while half of luxury is being able to turn a hassle into an inconvenience, the other half is being able to turn an inconvenience into an excuse to party. Or relax and watch a movie. Perhaps even turn on some light jazz and catch up on some sleep.

The Chicago River in summer

The Stylish Solution

An event is something to prepare for, and the back of a limousine is the perfect place to prepare for it. It's decked out for any purpose. It's spacious enough that people can change comfortably change clothes, and private enough that other travelers won't be able to get an eyeful. A state of the art audio system is there so a soundtrack can set the tone, or a video option lets kids throw on a DVD to keep their attention when they're starting to act like they have too much energy.

A chauffeur delivers you door-to-door, without the hassle of waiting, worrying and whining that comes along with getting around a big city. A limousine is big enough to carry any amount of people, from a short sedan for a couple's night out to a stretch SUV to take a whole coven of witches to a Halloween party. Most importantly, it transforms a trip to a destination into an event of it's own. It frees up time normally dedicated to travel so time can be spent together preparing for the events to come.

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