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Anniversaries Limousine

There are a lot of special days in our lives, but few become as important as our wedding day. Before the special occasion, we spend our lives ostensibly alone. Even when we have a significant other, a long term boyfriend or girlfriend, it's uncomfortably tenuous. We're together, in love, and sure it will last forever, but in the back of our minds there is always that chance that someday it could all end. It's impermanent, unofficial. It isn't until the vows are exchanged and the cake is smashed into our loved one's face that we truly feel comfortable.

That's why, every year afterwords, we celebrate our wedding anniversary in as wonderful a way as possible. A delicious meal at a fancy restaurant, carefully thought out gifts aimed to plant broad smiles on spouses, or a night of dancing are just a few ways we honor the occasion. It's such an important event that we've developed names for each year – paper for the first, silver for the twenty-fifth, gold for the fiftieth, diamond for the seventy-fifth.

Image of couple on their anniversary

It's a day to remember the promises we've made to each other, to reaffirm our vows and remind our loved ones exactly how much they mean to us and how far we'll go to show them that there are few people in the world as meaningful to our lives as them. We want to treat them like royalty, because they are our kings and queens. There is nothing we wouldn't do for them, no lengths we won't go, because they are more than important – they are indispensable.

More often than not, this means going out. An anniversary is a day that's meant to be shared. A dinner at a restaurant so nobody has to do the cooking – or the cleaning that follows. An exhibit at a museum, a play at the theater, a concert, or any of a myriad of events that can be shared together, without being bothered by “real life” getting in the way.

While every couple's idea of a perfect anniversary date varies based on their shared interests, there's one thing that they all can agree on – it's a day meant to be shared together, without interruption. In order to facilitate that, it's a good idea to rent a limousine and let the luxury envelope you from the very beginning.

Classy Transportation For a Classy Couple

There are all sorts of reasons for hiring a car, but one of the most essential is the simple truth that being chauffeured around makes people feel special. Walking out of the house and into the lap of luxury starts the day off in the most exciting of ways. It's a signal that your every wish can come true, that you are being thought about and cared for, that your comfort and pleasure are significant enough to be catered to from the beginning.

A limousine is a luxury vehicle because it offers something that the elite expect and our loved ones deserve. It's a symbol of exceptionalism broadcasting to the world that the passenger behind the tinted windows is someone of value – and who is more valuable to our lives than our spouse? With the exception of our children, the answer is nobody.

Photo of anniversary toast

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

Besides making our loved ones look and feel like the most influential of people, a limousine offers a utility that personal vehicles and public transportation can't even come close to matching. The passenger compartment of a limo is a world unto itself. It's closed off from the outside, of course, but it's also closed off from the driver if desired. Once directions are given, the ecstatic couple can spend their commute focused on each other.

A limo is a closed environment where we can control our surrounding. The noise from the outside world disappears behind the closed doors. Time can be spent kissing and cuddling, talking about the joyous days behind us, or planning on the joyous days to come. It's a place where we can be alone in our togetherness, and that's exactly what's needed for an anniversary.

Amenities Abound

If an anniversary is a day to treat ourselves and our loved ones to the best life has to offer, there's little that can accomplish that better than a hired car service. The back is spacious enough to allow us to stretch out and get comfortable, with plenty of room to add extras. Hiring the limo as a surprise? Set it up so a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, or another special gift is waiting inside to delight.

Have a special song? Pipe it through the speakers to revel in the nostalgia. Want to watch the DVD from the wedding? Put it in the DVD player, sit back and relax. Feel like starting the night off with a bottle of champagne? Of course that's an option. A limousine is built to make sure the people inside are able to have their every desire met. Why not take advantage of it.

Convenience is Key

Besides freeing us up to focus on each other, hiring a car frees us from focusing on everything else. Driving through the city is left to someone else, so anxiety is avoided. The responsibility for navigating to that special place is someone else's. Finding parking that's close isn't a problem because you're dropped off right in front of where you need to be. When there are multiple stops planned for the enchanted evening, planning a route that's timely is done by a professional with years of experience.

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the country, which means there are endless things to do and see. It also means there are endless headaches involved in getting around. There's no excuse for having anniversary anticipation dampened due to drudgery.

Employ someone else to deal with it all, and spend the evening like you're supposed to – truly together.

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